About me


Katja Bertazzo is a Danish-Australian writer, who draws on her background as an Early Childhood and Montessori trained teacher, and other life experiences in her writing. Katja is passionate about picture books, stories and hands on learning experiences, particularly art and science activities. She likes to inspire children to be creative, resilient and kind, and to bring out their unique gifts.

Originally from Copenhagen, Katja has lived in Europe, North America and several parts of Australia. She lives in Perth, WA with her family.

Katja is a member of SCBWI, and of several online writer’s groups, including Jen Storer’s Scribbles and Duck Pond communities, full of other creatives, who are passionate about writing and illustrating books for children.

A bit more about Katja – the long version:

Katja grew up in Copenhagen in a home full of art and books. Since then she has traveled and lived on three continents, and met many interesting people. She has wandered the cobblestone streets of Europe, seen the giant Redwoods and the Rocky Mountains of North America, and explored the beautiful coastlines and unique nature of Australia. She lives in Perth, WA with her family, in a house full of books, plants and scented candles.

When she is not writing, or thinking about writing, you can find her walking on the beach, pottering in the garden, sampling green tea or playing with colours.

Inspired by nature

Katja has always loved spending time in nature. Much of her childhood was spent in the local parks, or walking in the beautiful forests north of Copenhagen. As a child she loved collecting shells, rocks, and other items from nature. Today she still treasures spending time in nature, and loves watching the tiny critters that come to visit her garden.

An early love of books

Raised on a steady diet of stories by H.C.Andersen and Astrid Lindgreen, as well as Grimm’s fairy tales, Katja developed a love of stories at a very young age. She became an avid reader, who spent much of her time in Narnia and Middle-earth, and soon began to write her own poetry and stories.

During her many years as an Early Childhood Educator and a parent, Katja has shared thousands of stories with young children. She believes in the power of stories and beautiful artwork to transform people’s lives. It is her hope that she will be able to make a positive difference in someone’s life with her own stories.

Katja is currently working on several picture book manuscripts, a junior fiction story, a handful of poems, and a middle grade manuscript.

Courses done:

Australian Writers’ Centre – ‘Writing picture books’ course

Scribbles Creative Writing Course with Jen Storer

Scribbles Master Class with Jen Storer, Judith Rossell and Lucinda Gifford

Writing Junior Fiction with Jen Storer

Middle Grade Magic with Jen Storer

Metre Matters with Jackie Hosking

Writing Chapter Books for 6-9 year olds – AWC

Australian Writers’ Centre – Cut, Shape, Polish self-editing course

KidLitVic 2019 – Melbourne

SCBWI West Mainland Event 2019 – Perth

KidLitVic 2021

Portraits by Catherine Carvel. All other photos are either free or my own photos.